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Taking Back Your Career

Dreams Change

Most people spend over 2,000 hours a year working, so doesnít it make sense to enjoy what youíre doing? YES!!! However, more than half of Americans hate their job, which translates to 1 out of every 2 workers hating their job. Therefore, when your dreams change and youíre ready for a new job, what do you do to get that new position? Do you take the first job that comes your way? Often people take the first offer because they become frustrated with such things as needing money to live, they continue to receive rejection letters or no response at all from employers or become bored because the process often takes too long. In this article and in my new book "Get Your Dream Job In Any Economy" Iím offering a new and empowering approach, where your chances of getting the job you want are increased significantly!

Happy & Unhappy

The first thing you should do in finding your dream job is to decide what position interests you. This may seem like a simple decision, but it deserves serious thought. Finding a position that you will be happy with is very important. You might enjoy your current position, buy still feel as if something is missing. Decide what about your current job is making you happy and unhappy. Pinpointing this will give you an idea of what you do and donít want in your next job. Once youíve decided on the type of position then you need to find the "perfect" company for you!


When looking for a company there are questions you should answer. What size company are you looking for? Larger companies may be able to offer more benefits, but there might be more "steps" to go through to get promoted. In a small company you could be promoted rapidly, but receive less perks.

How you earn your salary is important. There are many ways to earn a living. Some people earn a set salary, while others get a salary plus bonuses or commission. Many people work solely off commission. Even though their earnings fluctuate, they like to have more control over the possibility of making more money.

Where do you want to work? Do you want to travel? You should decide if you prefer to work out of an office, out of your home or a little of both. Traveling can positively and dramatically impact your career. If you feel that youíd like to travel with your job, the next step is to decide how much traveling you would want to do. Traveling once a month is very different than traveling a few times a week. It could disrupt your life if youíve not given it much thought before accepting the position.

You are the key to finding your dream company. What inspires and motivates you? You need to find a work environment that fits your personality. If you are a people person, then a job where youíre expected to sit in a cubicle all day is not the fit for you. If you are unsure about a position, ask! It is okay to ask questions. When on an interview donít be discouraged from asking questions. It is necessary that you receive the information you need to make a sound and correct decision about the job. It wouldnít be fair to you or the company if you take the job if you are apprehensive.

"Insider Information"

Now that you know what type of position youíre interested in and the type of company you want, it is time to start researching on prospective employers. Research is an essential part in finding your dream job. Research can be time consuming, but in the long run think about how much time youíll save by not interviewing or working again for the "wrong" companies.

The Web

If you havenít figured it out already, looking online is vastly similar to looking in your local paperís classifieds. While both avenues are incredible resources that should not be overlooked, they should not be the only place you look. If for example you are merely posting your resume and waiting to see what happens, you are doing yourself a huge injustice. Yes, first search the internet to see who is hiring, but your next step should be deciding who you want to work for. If one of your top choice companies appears to not be hiring you should still contact and pursue them as a potential employer. Obviously a great place to start looking online is at sites like,, or other sites that relate to your industry. These types of sites offer a huge advantage over solely looking on one or two company sites. The benefit is that you of course, get an overview of the market where you want to work.

Another advantageous place to look for information is at company financial, annual reports and internal employee brochures. This way you can see that what they communicate both externally and internally match one another. The more you know about a company, the easier it is to see if you and the company fit well together. On you can discover internal business information about public companies at no cost.


There are many ways you can get to view these documents. One way would be to participate in a preceptorship. A preceptorship is similar to an internship except that youíre spending a considerable less amount of time on the job site, such as half a day or 1-2 days at the maximum. This allows you to get a better snap-shot of what your future job or company will really look like verses mainly doing research through reading and conversing with people within the industry.

The Media

News releases can enhance your overall picture of the company as well. You will encounter new products being released or changes that may affect the company in one-way or another. You might find out information about the companyís customers and what they are doing with their business. New releases often give information about a companyís financial situation such as if they are planning lay offs. This information can save you much stress in the not so distance future.


Another great way to receive "insider information" is through chat rooms and bulletin boards. There are many websites dedicated to helping people find information on companies. In many cases you can type in questions and receive answers in a short amount of time. It is amazing how much information you can gain access to just by conducting different and unique investigations.

Here are a few website search engines,, and that will provide vast information for free and when you want more details there is a small fee involved.


As you can see there are numerous ways to gather information on a company. Researching a company before you go for an interview not only prepares you, but it also leaves a positive impression on the interviewer that you took the time to care about you and the companyís future. It takes a little more time and effort on your part, but the results are significant. Researching will help you get your dream job even faster than you expected! When you know what you want and then you go after it the world magically starts to make it happen for you. Now go getíem tiger!

-Jessica Marriott
Jessica R. Marriott is a national career strategist teaching people how to be simply irresistible and indispensable in their careers since 1995. She also teaches companies how to retain and hire simply irresistible and indispensable employees. Her book "Get Your Dream Job In Any Economy" can be purchased at Marriott can be reached at 480-361-6962 or at All rights reserved © 2000-2004 by Jessica R. Marriott.