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Top 15 Questions Asked at Job Interviews - 9 & 8

# 9 – What are your salary requirements?

Once an employer has determined that a candidate is an appropriate match with both the position and the company the next step is determining the financial feasibility for both parties. Sometimes, interviewers will ask how much money the candidate makes in their current position. Regardless of how it is asked, the question is straightforward and demands a realistic and clear answer.

Recruiter Tip: Make sure to let the employer know that you will consider the whole package, (benefits, healthcare, 401K, tuition re-imbursement, etc.). Also, make sure that the employer is aware you will consider cost of living indexes, (if relocation is involved), possibly commuting time, (a 15 minute commute versus an hour and a half must be worth something) and other factors such as quality of life and interest in the work for you.

# 8 – Describe a time when you were faced with a challenging situation and how you handled it?

Undoubtedly, difficult situations are bound to arise on the job. Customer service and teamwork are two areas of business often filled with emotions and tough situations. Thus, interviewers must determine if a candidate is willing and prepared to handle trying circumstances and difficult people.

Tiffany Kelchlin of Florida’s Blue Dolphin Software, Inc. clarifies, "This interview question is designed to explore the candidate's ability to work with a team, to work independently, and to give them the opportunity to describe their leadership skills. It is very difficult to explore attitude and personality in a candidate, yet these are important factors in many positions. These types of questions usually lead the candidate to open up a bit and talk about other attributes they have in addition to their 'hard skills.' The interview process can be dangerous territory and it is important to watch your step in discussing questions concerning personality and demeanor. 'Open-ended' and hypothetical questions have a tendency to draw the candidate out and be extremely revealing."

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-J. Michael Worthington, Jr.
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