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Top 15 Questions Asked at Job Interviews - 7 & 6

# 7 – What are your short-term/long-term goals?

Asking a candidate to reveal their goals serves several purposes. An interviewer is looking to find out if the position and company are a good fit in addition to the candidate's motivation. Motivation refers to why they want the job and how they will perform once awarded the position. It is important to know if the candidate is just looking for a filler job to pay the rent, seeking growth within the company, or perhaps wishing to pursue a graduate degree. Such information is used to match the applicant's fit. It also exposes other aspects of their personality. This question is an opportunity to focus on your professional desires and how you hope to achieve them.

# 6 – Describe some of your most important career accomplishments.

Describing past achievements is an excellent platform to showcase skills or experience pertinent to the position. In addition, a description of the steps taken or process involved in attaining the accomplishment is useful information.

Kristin McParland, a HR consultant at Interlake Material Handling, Naperville, IL explained, "I am trying to discover if a person has what it takes to take on a big project, tackle it, and have a positive outcome. I like to know the steps they took to complete the project because it shows their problem-solving skills and if they had the initiative to take steps on their own or ask for help if necessary. This question can uncover a lot about teamwork, initiative, problem solving, and adaptability. The biggest pitfall is when someone says, 'I really can't think of anything' or says something really general such as, 'I worked on a lot of projects so I can't think of anything specific.' This tells me either they don't take pride in their work or maybe they never worked on a project that took time and effort."

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-J. Michael Worthington, Jr.
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