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Instant Cover Letters – Secret #8

Keep it ‘short and sweet’ or kiss your chances goodbye…

© Written By Jimmy Sweeney President of CareerJimmy and Author of the new, Amazing Cover Letter Creator.

One of the best secrets for getting your cover letter noticed and read is to keep it brief!

There are few cover letter mistakes greater than that of the “long-winded” cover letter.

7 Layout Secrets of a Highly Effective Cover Letter:

  1. One page max. Two-page cover letters are the kiss of job search death!

  2. Let your cover letter “breathe.” The more white space the better.

  3. Three paragraphs max. More than this and it appears to be a “tough read.”

  4. Use bullets and numbered lists when appropriate. This allows for easy scanning.

  5. Start the first sentence of each paragraph off with bold-faced type. It highlights the start of each paragraph inviting the person to read further. Works beautifully.

  6. Paragraphs should contain no more than 4 to 5 sentences each, but I highly recommend just 3 well-written sentences per paragraph.

  7. After you’ve finished your letter, print it out to see that it’s easy on the eyes and ‘invites’ you to read more. Remember: Less is more! (Source - Amazing Cover Letters)

Use these 7 secrets to create your own highly effective cover letter and I guarantee you’ll avoid the ‘recycle bin’ landing more quality job interviews next month than your long-winded competitors will land all year.

Hey look at that, I’ve kept this article short and sweet!

Next week: Top 10 Cover Letter Secrets – Secret #7

“Big Word Warning… No one talks like that!”

© Written By Jimmy Sweeney Amazing Cover Letters

Jimmy Sweeney is the president of CareerJimmy and author of the new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator." Jimmy is also the author of several career related books and writes a monthly article titled, "Job Search Secrets." Visit our friends at Amazing Cover Letters for your ‘instant’ cover letter today. “In just 3½ minutes you will have an amazing cover letter guaranteed to cut through YOUR competition like a hot knife through butter!”