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Interviewing: In A New Light

Interviewing can seem paralyzing and stressful if you’re not prepared. What questions will they ask me? Will my responses be what they are looking for? Most career resources teach you how to become an expert on interviewing supplying cookie-cutter one-size-fits-all answers, with 100’s or 1000’s of common questions asked during an interview. Essentially you’re left powerless.

Whereas in this article and in Jessica R. Marriott’s new book you familiarize yourself with your own strengths, which is STEP ONE to becoming an expert on you. “Get Your Dream Job In Any Economy” approaches preparing for an interview in a new and empowering way. It walks you step-by-step through the interviewing process starting with defining your strengths and effectively communicating how your strengths benefit the employer. You can use these techniques whether for a new job or for a much needed promotion. Amazingly it almost doesn’t matter what questions are asked when you learn and use the first 4 techniques in “Get Your Dream Job In Any Economy.” Applying these tools will improve your power of influence over the success of your career!


Take the time to think about all that you have accomplished over the course of your life. As you recall your achievements write them down. Here are some questions to help get you started. What awards have you won? What examples show you as a team player? What sports have you competed in? When did you adapt to a new situation? Once you’re finished recording your successes, take a minute to list them in the order they’ve occurred.

Look at all that you have accomplished!

Power Phrases©

Now you’re ready to choose your own Power Phrases. Power Phrases are words you use to describe and demonstrate your abilities and character. Read over your accomplishments and extract action-oriented Power Phrases that are strong, powerful and positive to embody your behaviors. once you’ve selected your Power Phrases, narrow them down and choose no more than four or five to focus on. Examples of Power Phrases...

Corresponding Experiences

Now that you’ve come up with your own Power Phrases that best describe you and your accomplishments, it is time to take the next step. Take another look at your achievements as well as your Power Phrases and ask yourself: Which will leave the greatest impression on your audience?

You want to be able to reinforce your Power Phrases with specific examples. For each Power Phrase you’ll choose your two best experiences to support your claim that you are, for instance, a Quick Learner or have Good Listening Skills. An example is, Quick Learner: completed a three-day course in two days by...(elaborate in greater detail). Then by repeating and reinforcing your Power Phrases and corresponding examples during the interview will leave a positive lasting impression on the interviewer. Repetition also creates a consistent message for the employer to be able to recognize how you will benefit the company.

During the Interview

When the interviewer asks you a question you should immediately think about which of your Power Phrases and corresponding experiences would best answer their question. This will show the interviewer how much thought and time you’ve put forth for the interview and that you’ll do the same in the job once you’re hired. Repeating your Power Phrases and corresponding examples emphasizes what you have to offer. And if you haven’t realized already, you’re no longer memorizing canned answers or flying by the seat of your pants when questions are asked. Instead you’re shining by supplying the interviewer with the best accomplishments from your life!

You should decide in advance whether to bring or not bring a hard copy of your Power Phrases and corresponding experiences with you during the interview. Bringing this document for you to glance at-on your lap-during the interview helps to keep you on track when answering questions. It increases your confidence level and employers can see this confidence in you!

After the Interview

Your strong, supportive and repetitious answers will help the interviewer to recall specific examples from your interview. This preparation will leave the interviewer with a positive memorable impression of you! Then your odds are increased of getting to choose one of your top choice companies. Now go make it a positive and life changing experience!

-Jessica Marriott

Jessica R. Marriott has been a national career strategist for 10 years teaching people how to be simply irresistible and indispensable in their careers5. She also teaches companies how to retain and hire simply irresistible and indispensable employees. Visit her website at and take a free quiz. Marriott can be reached at . All rights reserved © 2000-2004 by Jessica R. Marriott.