June 21, 2018

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Featured Article - Make Time to Travel

This is a year when HR managers will feel inclined to stick around the home office. No one wants to spend money on travel and no one wants to face the hassles of having your loafers checked out for high explosives (on my last flight the young Asian woman next to me had her shampoo confiscated). Nevertheless, I believe HR needs to get out to the branch offices, factories and depots-in person.

I don't think you'll ever learn as much from an employee survey as you will learn from hanging out at the dispatcher's window listening to the truckers as they come and go. You'll never learn as much from a consultant's report as from bringing a peanut butter sandwich to the staff cafeteria. You'll understand the business better by taking a moment to help a customer in the store than you will by reading the marketing plan. Furthermore, as much as staff may appreciate HR's fancy new Learning Management System (or not) there is nothing that compares to a live HR person asking, "How's it going?"

So if you haven't already, put together a little travel schedule for your HR department so that you and your staff get out there to see people and show the flag. It's critical to do the job well...just remember not to pack shampoo in your carry on.

-David Creelman

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