May 25, 2018

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Getting a Salary Increase

Part 1 of 2

Many candidates view the process of deciding their salary one which they should not be involved in. But having in mind a salary comparison with similar jobs could be the most valuable thing you've done.

If you saw a nickel on the sidewalk, would you pick it up? Perhaps not. Especially if it was raining.

If you saw a $100 bill on the sidewalk, I'm sure that you'd pick it up. You probably wouldn't even notice the weather!

Now if you saw a briefcase, stuffed with hundred dollar bills, which promised to pay out EVERY YEAR, you'd think that you need your eyes checked!!

But that's exactly what thousands of candidates do every year, by not knowing the salary they are worth.

So where do you begin in getting a salary increase?

There are a number of bits of homework you need to do first.

Salary comparison

To get a salary increase, you need to know what others in your job are being paid. There are a number of online salary comparison tools which you can use to get an idea of what you are worth. You can also get a reasonable salary comparison by talking to recruitment professionals or by scanning the newspapers for similar jobs (if they disclose the salary they are offering!)

A salary comparison is vital if you are going to be in a strong position in any kind of salary negotiation.

There are a range of resources open to you when conducting a salary comparison. Our advice is to use them all to triangulate on a central estimate of what you are worth.

- Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan Lewis is the founder and CEO of the Careerfriend website (, committed to helping people succeed in their dream careers. The site provides a wealth of free articles and resources covering career and employer selection, through resume and cover letter writing, to interviewing, salary negotiation and ongoing career development.

Jonathan's extensive experience of attracting, recruiting, retaining and developing exceptional people in management consulting and investment banking allows him to offer clear, actionable advice which has a great impact on people either looking for new jobs or looking to succeed further in their existing jobs.

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