May 20, 2018

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It's a Great Time to Switch Jobs

Unemployment is at an eight-year high and record layoffs are projected for 2003. At best, today's economy is unpredictable and very sluggish. Plus, we have the looming possibility of war.

You may think this is not a great time to be seeking a new position, right? Wrong!

There may have been a time when sticking with your job made sense, particularly in a poor economy. But that's not the case in this business environment. What we have is the new reality and it's not a passing phase. We aren't going back to the way it used to be. Companies will continue to re-structure to put themselves in a more flexible, fluid position. They will continue to merge, spin-off, and "skinny-up" their infrastructures to become more responsive to the competition and other market conditions.

What does all this mean to employees whether seasoned executives or those new to the workplace? Clearly, workers are more susceptible than ever to having their department outsourced, being replaced by someone at half the pay or ultimately laid-off. The risk isn't higher just because a Fortune 1000 company employs you. It's also happening with small and mid-sized firms.

So why is this a great time to job jump? Simply, most workers are still holding on to their old beliefs. They still think that showing up each day, putting in a hard day's work, and their past performance will keep them secure.

But that's not what I've learned while recently interviewing hundreds of CEO's, company owners, and HR executives. They indicated that the "lessons learned" during the last couple years demanded a re-vamping of both the number of employees and the needed skill sets of their staff.

Thus, the opportunity to switch. While most employees are standing still, they are actually putting themselves at risk. By seeing this evolution in our economy as a very strategic time to make-a-move, you may be able to leap frog to a new position within your current company or a new organization.

Here are some suggestions on how to switch:

The people who recognize this as a great time to move their career forward, to join a firm that's better positioned to meet their individual needs, to make more money, or to secure more exciting work, can be successful. It's happening everyday.

-Gordon Miller
Gordon Miller is a workplace expert, an executive consultant, and best selling author. He is a Principal with Group 56, LLC.

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