June 22, 2018

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How to Reach Outside Yourself to Advance Your Career

When flipping the channels of your TV, you are bound to come across a Public Service Announcement (PSA) endorsed by a celebrity asking children to approach their parents, teachers, or someone they trust when they are at a crossroads. Through these PSAs, children are told that asking for guidance, encouragement, and support is a sign of strength. They donít have to go through a transition aloneóhelp is just around the corner.

As adults, we tend to forget the value of reaching out to others when we are in need of assistance. There is this unwritten rule that we should be able to make decisions without the guidance of others. The reality is, however, that children and adults share a common ground: we are all humans who encounter situations that are challenging from time to time, and it doesnít make sense to go it alone.

Signs You Should Reach Outside Yourself

When reaching out for assistance with your career, you have the following options:

Be in a State of Mind to Accept Assistance

Regardless if you choose to work with a friend, mentor, or career coach, you should be open to new ideas.

Final Thought

Your advancement is limited only by your commitment to your own career development. Involving others in your quest will get you one step closer to who you want to be, personally and professionally.

- Linda Matias, Career Coach Inc.

Career Coach Inc. is run by Linda Matias and Bryan Cadicamo where their objective is twofold: to coach professionals through the interview process and those who are in a career transition and are looking to reawaken or discover their lifeís passion. To learn more visit or send an email to

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