June 23, 2018

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Types of Cover Letters

Throughout the years, cover letter writers have used different terminology for the types of cover letters. The names coined oftentimes mimic the purpose of the letter; i.e. cold-contact letter and follow-up letter.

No doubt, your job search will require separate letters that utilize different wordage depending upon the overall intent of the letter and in accordance with the recipient. It’s about pushing the right buttons that will provoke action — almost pressuring the reader to pick up the phone and make a call to you.

Here are select cover letters you may need throughout your job-search campaign:

The terminology may throw you, but their meanings aren’t a mystery. Be sure to utilize unique content regardless of which letter type you use. The one complaint that hiring managers have with jobseekers is that they oftentimes receive letters that are obviously, and sometimes blatantly, canned. When sending a letter, whether the content is canned or unique to the specific company and recipient, be sure that the reader is left with the impression that the letter was written specifically for him … no exceptions.

-Teena Rose

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