June 22, 2018

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Face-To-Face Interviewing - A Winning Strategy

As the IT market begins its slow recovery, it again becomes paramount for us to conduct face-to-face interviews with new candidates as well as some existing ones that we have only phone screened. A New Applicant Interview (NAI) affords you the opportunity to accomplish the following:

When done correctly, the one-hour investment of your time can yield:

This is a very productive use of your time (the synergistic effect). Remember: As the market picks up, candidates will be in more demand and you want to be able to control their behavior and not have to chase after them. The best way to do this is to meet with them and really get to know them (50% of what is true about them is not on their resumes). This will allow you to be very precise in your search on their behalf. More importantly, your relationship will be on a higher level than the other recruiters that never took the time to meet your candidate. If you doubt this, just feel the difference the next time you talk to a candidate that you just recently met.

The NAI is the defining moment in your candidate relationship. If professionally done, you win and the probability of placing this candidate increases dramatically. All of us should do everything that we can do to positively affect the outcome of an interview with a client.

-Bill Bostrom

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