June 22, 2018

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Arriving at Job Interviews Cool, Calm, and Collected

We all get a little stressed before interviews, so the idea is to make sure a little bit of stress doesn't turn into a lot. Maybe you just started your search, you're tired of searching, or you just need a boost of confidence. No matter where you are in the process, you can always improve your interviewing skills. The good news is, it is possible to stay poised and confident, even at your toughest interview.

Show them you're a good fit

When you get to the interview your main area of focus should be on communicating to the interviewer that you are a good fit. Focus on why the position makes sense for both of you. You should see it as a "win-win" situation. In other words, a great job for you and a great employee for them. After you've done your research on the job requirements, you should be well prepared to present yourself as the best candidate for the job. Assess which skills are needed for the job, then illustrate how your personal skills match up with the skills needed for the job. Be creative and speak clearly, but more importantly, believe what you're saying. Confidence comes from the inside out, so just relax and be yourself. Here are a couple of tips to ensure a stress free interview:

Don't cause yourself unnecessary stress

Only you can cause yourself stress. It's all about how you see things and let life affect you. If you're worrying too much about the interview, you’re concentrating on the wrong thing. Instead of thinking about what you may do wrong, focus on what you know you'll do right. If you have taken steps to prepare yourself, then you're already half way there. Time wasted on worrying is just that- time wasted. Better to spend that time and energy on positive things so you'll arrive at the interview in a good mood. Your confidence may be the first thing people notice about you, so make sure it's written all over your face.


If you tend to get nervous at interviews or don't consider yourself a "people person," there are ways to help you feel more comfortable. Here are a few ways to minimize your job search jitters:

Take care of yourself

Last but not least, save yourself some you time. Don’t let things get so hectic that you forget about the most important thing. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to organize your thoughts and communicate effectively. Moreover, take care of yourself on the inside or it will show up worse on the outside. To stay calm, cool, and collected, take care of yourself the night before. Hit the gym, take a bath, or veg out on the couch. Do whatever it is you do to unwind. Set your mind at ease so the only thing you have to worry about is making a good impression. Plan ahead for the week of the interview so you will have all other tasks out of the way. Less stress means more confidence for you.

A lot of times when we’re stressed out, it's because we’re nervous and if we’re nervous, we can’t sleep. Here are some exercises you can do at night so you can be sure of having a good day:

o Take a breath and inhale with your abdominal muscles

o Exhale slowly (using the same muscles) and draw your belly button in at the same time.

These exercises reduce both tension and everyday stress. The purpose is to do these before bed, so you feel relaxed and serene in the evening and refreshed and revived in the morning.

- Scott Brown

Scott Brown is the author of the Job Search Handbook ( As editor of the weekly newsletter on job searching, Scott has written many articles on the subject. He wrote the Job Search Handbook to provide job seekers with a complete yet easy to use guide to finding a job effectively. To download your own free copy of the Job Search Handbook, visit

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