June 18, 2018

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Resumes that Work to Market You So Employers Will Start Calling

Resumes and cover letters. It seems everybody needs them and most people hate to write them. Except me that is. As a career counselor, I’ve written over five thousand resumes for clients, and I find it tragic when I see many people not move on, not land a better job, or remain underpaid because they aren’t able to write these self-promotional pieces. Many people, especially managers and executives, create a resume that sounds like a job description and that will fail miserably in today’s marketplace.

What the hiring managers are saying

According to the national hiring managers’ survey published in my books, Winning Resume and Winning Cover Letters, generic resumes were heavily criticized as a worthless effort.

“Job applicants fail miserably when it’s too general, because it sends the message that ‘I’ll take any job’ and that’s not what we hire for,” points out Tom Wermerskirchen, HR Manager at Mustang Manufacturing.

“Not tailoring the resume to a particular job is a major mistake,” noted Kirk Beyer, an HR Director. “Individuals send out resumés with no job in mind, not knowing at all what they want. Their skills are incongruent with the job they are applying for, which leads us to quickly disregard them as a candidate. Employers will not use their time to figure out where a person might fit into their organization. That’s a career counseling issue the candidate needs to handle before they start mailing out resumes. Unfortunately though, we get hundreds of generic, worthless resumes every month.”

Doug Allen, a CEO for a manufacturing company, said, “Targeted resumes are necessary to match you to an employer’s needs. A resume that really shows off your skills, how they were used, and what was achieved, is the only way to impress me.”

“Results sell”, noted Sandra Dehan, a Fortune 500 HR Manager. “Quickly show us what you did and how it benefited your employer. You have only seconds to get my attention. Clear information with ‘action’ descriptions is most impressive. Stay clear of generic or broad phrases like ‘hard worker’ or ‘team player’ or ‘excellent communication skills.’ It’s specific accomplishments and skills that gets our attention.”

Best resume – creative solutions

Bottomline advice: simply tell the truth and be able to substantiate it.

- Robin Ryan

Written by America’s top career counselor, Robin Ryan, who has appeared 1000 TV and radio shows including Oprah, Dr. Phil Show, Fox News, CNN. Robin has a busy career counseling practice providing individual career coaching, outplacement, resume writing services and interview preparation to clients nationwide. She is the best-selling author of: 60 Seconds & You're Hired!; Winning Resumes; Winning Cover Letters; What to Do with the Rest of Your Life; plus the creator of the Interview Advantage and Salary Negotiation Strategies Audio Programs. A dynamic national speaker, Robin frequently teaches audiences how to improve their lives and obtain greater success.

Her newest book, "Soaring on Your Strengths” was released by Penguin on January 1, 2006

To purchase her books and audio training programs or learn more about her coaching services call 425.226.0414 or click here:

Source: Book Winning Resumes 2nd Edition by Robin Ryan

© Copyright 2006 Robin Ryan. All rights reserved.

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