June 25, 2018

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Stuck in a Job Search Rut?

It happens. You get all pumped up to look for a new job, get your resume and cover letter all spruced up and thenÖnothing. How do you put the excitement back in your job search?

Remember Why Youíre Job Hunting

Itís easy to forget why you felt it was important to look for a job in the first place. You get in a Ďjob search grindí and canít seem to muster up the enthusiasm you had when you first started job hunting.

So how do you get some of that ĎI want a better jobí attitude back? Remember what you donít like about your current job. Are there specific tasks or responsibilities that you donít want in a new job? Do you want to come home energized from the day and wanting to spend some quality time with your family instead of being completely deflated and in a bad mood?

Then picture yourself in the job that you want. That you really want. Think about what you would do in a new position and how that makes you feel. Does it get your adrenaline pumping with excitement? Hold onto that feeling.

The Monday Blues

You know what Iím talking about. Itís Sunday night and you get this lump in the pit in the bottom of your stomach just thinking about going to work the next morning. It doesnít have to be that way. You honestly can be in a job and career that you enjoy and believe in.

So when you feel a lack of enthusiasm for your job search, remember that youíre searching for an end to the workweek dread. Life is entirely too short to have a job that leaves you feeling anxious. Get out there and find a job that makes you feel good about yourself and look forward to each new week.

Picture Your Life in a New Job

Being in a career that you enjoy can enrich your life more than you can imagine. Youíre healthier, your stress levels decrease and youíre relationships can improve dramatically. If youíre pleasant to be around, then people will be drawn to you.

Maybe money is part of your incentive of finding a new job. So you can imagine what you would do with a nice raise, incentive or bonus. Pay off some debt? Buy something you havenít been able to afford? Need to save for your kidís college tuition? Whatever the case may be, envision it and make it happen.

Your job search may not be the most exciting event that youíll go through but it is one of the most important. The more psyched you are, the more energy youíll have to look through job postings and send out your resume package. If you get bored with the whole process, your job search success could suffer. So keep your eye on the prize and youíll reach your goals more quickly and easily.

- Heather Eagar

Heather Eagar is a former professional resume writer who is now dedicated to providing job seekers with resources and products that promote job search success from beginning to end. Grab your free job search tips at

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