May 21, 2018

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Can You Attract a New Job?

Ever had a new job just sort of fall into your lap?

I’ll bet it’s happened at least once to you or someone you know.

Perhaps you got a phone call from an old friend who referred you to a hiring manager. Or an email from a relative urging you to apply at their company.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to “attract” more job opportunities like this?

Well, I believe there is.

I believe that job search “luck” can be created, based on my 11 years of helping and observing thousands of job seekers. And plenty of others agree, including Lynn Ahearn, a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner and Founder of Life Success Coaching (

Ahearn tells the story of one client who quickly “attracted” her dream job as a result of taking the right action.

“During our conversations, she remembered an old passion for undersea adventure -- something she had forgotten about for years,” recalls Ahearn. Her client did some research, and found the name of a renowned author who was doing work that really resonated with her. She sent him an email and, about 45 days later, was hired as his assistant.

According to Ahearn, there are three steps to take if you want to experience the same sort of “magnetic job search.” Here they are …

“First, get clear about the job you want. This can be difficult for many people, who do not truly know what they want to do,” says Ahearn, who believes it’s often easier to describe what you hate about work. So she asks people to list the things they don’t want, then she takes them in the opposite direction to write down a description of their ideal job.

“Second, you must get in vibrational alignment with your target job,” says Ahearn.

This is related to the idea that success breeds success. By thinking and feeling more like you already have the job you want, opportunities will start to appear, almost as if by magic. I’ve seen it happen too many times to discount the idea.

Example: One of my clients, Jaime, a project manager from St. Peter, Minnesota, had not one or two but four different job opportunities to choose from. The positions were all attractive (from $70,000 to $90,000 in salary) and he interviewed at least twice with each company. One success led to another in his job search.

Or Marc, a computer technician client of mine from Bartlett, Illinois. He writes: “I accepted a position today. It’s actually amusing because now that I got this, other offers are rolling in. A company I interviewed at two months ago called me back with another position. I already accepted the other job, so I had to decline.”

What if you don’t have any job interviews on the horizon? One way to get into alignment and create an attractive, internal feeling of success is by re-reading the description of your ideal job, until you get really excited about it. “Know that this job is a perfect match and that it is on its way to you,” Ahearn suggests.

The third step is to be open to receiving the job you want. “While you’re taking inspired action, listen to your intuition and be open to opportunities,” says Ahearn. As long as you are absolutely clear about your target job and are taking at least one step each day toward it, you’ll get there following this advice.

The key phrase here is: “Listen to your intuition and be open to opportunities.”

I like to think of intuition as your subconscious mind’s way of trying to tell you something. When you act on hunches -- sending an email to an industry expert you’ve always wanted to meet, or turning a polite elevator conversation into a job lead, for example -- you’ll get more of them. Because you tend to get more of what you reinforce.

Also, it helps to relax and avoid trying to push too hard toward your next job. Easier said than done, right? Especially if you have bills to pay.

But picture this: If someone offered you a $100 bill, would you reach for it with a clenched fist? Of course not. You can’t grab money -- or anything -- with a fist. You have to relax and open your hand before you can receive.

It’s the same with your job search. If you’re a walking, talking, clenched-up ball of stress, fewer people are going to want to be around you, which will hinder your networking. And employers will sense your anxiety in an interview, which makes you a less-attractive candidate. So try to relax and defuse physical tension with regular exercise, plenty of sleep and a healthy diet.

By giving this three-step method a try -- becoming clear about the position you want, getting in “vibrational alignment” with that job, and being open to receiving it -- you may find that your dream job is attracted to you magnetically and almost effortlessly.

- Kevin Donlin

Article by Kevin Donlin, creator of The Instant Job Search System.

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