June 21, 2018

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Top 15 Questions Asked at Job Interviews-15 & 14

# 15 – Are you willing to relocate?

Technological advancements and diminishing costs of communications via email, Internet, video/phone conferencing, etc., has reduced the necessity of the business traveler. However, relocation and business travel are still relevant issues that need to be addressed. Employers require sincere and honest responses, especially because of the magnitude of such a commitment. It is not necessary for a candidate to offer justification or personal reasons in their response to this question.

Ginna Yost, Sr. Technical Recruiter for Systems Engineering Services in Atlanta, Georgia reveals that an interview is more about the responses than the questions, "You can tell a lot about a person by their answer. You can determine what motivates them, how they handle pressure, their degree of initiative, their passion for their job, if they prefer to work independently, what they consider to be a challenge."

Ian Cuss from the recruiting firm Skillsgroup explains, "I tend to structure a question in a way that is really several questions in one. Getting behind the character of the candidate is the key. After all, they may have the required skills but inevitably they will be working alongside other people. I want to know how well will they fit in?"

# 14 – What motivates you? How do you motivate others?

Motivation is a good indicator of one's personality. Tim Miller of HR Dimensions in Indianapolis, Indiana discussed the significance of this concept, "This question can often really show a candidate's true colors. Naturally a good candidate will offer something like, 'challenge, teamwork, a leadership role, and accountability.' Some pitfalls that candidates can get into are responses such as money, and any other type of response that might show a bit of selfishness, or any response demonstrating they would be content by doing the same thing forever. I'm looking for self-motivated people wanting further challenges."

Recruiter Tip: Strategies to motivating others are not just limited to those in management positions. Make sure you demonstrate the desire to motivate your peers and team members as well.

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-J. Michael Worthington, Jr.

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