May 21, 2018

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When to Stay and When to Go

Will the Grass Be Greener on a New Job?

The grass is getting greener outside but it may not be greener in a new job. A colleague was lamenting the fact that one of her best friends at work had left the company and had taken a new position in another state. The rumor mill was grinding out tales of substantial signing bonuses and a big salary increase and she was feeling new job envy.

A departure like this always creates a ripple affect. It makes those left behind ask themselves “Should I be looking too? Am I missing out?” Well, the grass may not be greener.

I'm not a fan of staying in your job if you are miserable (more on that later) but I think switching jobs without careful consideration can create a career setback. If you are reasonably happy on your job and wondering if you should leave consider the following:

With all this said, you may be wondering, “But what are some valid reasons to leave your job?” Here are some to consider:

- Joan Lloyd

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