May 22, 2018

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Strategies for Making the Cut

As you seek your first full-time position, you may frequently be telephoned for screening interviews. These are brief phone interviews that help companies pare down a large number of applicants to a small list of candidates to invite for in-person meetings.

The hiring manager screening applicants is concerned mainly with how closely your skills and qualifications match the job description. Other key factors -- such as your "fit" with the organization -- are less important at this stage.

Since the "screener's" task is to eliminate all but the top candidates, your objective is to stay in the running and move ahead to the next phase of the interviewing process. Here are some tips:

Occasionally, screening interviews are conducted in person by someone in the company's human resources department. The following pointers will help you put your best foot forward during these meetings, as well as interviews with hiring managers.

To review, your ultimate goal in the screening interview is to make the cut while the interviewer's goal is to eliminate a majority of the candidates. To make the best possible case for yourself and advance to the next stage, be clear, direct and professional -- and stay focused on communicating how you meet the qualifications for the position.

-- Article courtesy of Accountemps, which has more than 240 offices in North America, Europe and Australia, and offers online job search services.

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