June 24, 2018

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Resume Writing Tips

With any resume, there's a format that is generally accepted across all industries and trades. When applying for a particular position, keep in mind that the duties on the ad may not be the only duties you'll be performing. Make your titles strong and put your accomplishments in their best light.

Overall there are six things you want to think about when writing your resume.

  1. Sell yourself: One of the hardest things to do is to put yourself in the best light. People are often over-critical of themselves. Try to think of all the positive things you've done. What have you done in your previous positions? What things did people appreciate you for? Did you make a process easier by making procedures? How have you used the skills you've learned in school? How have your organizational or communication skills improved?
  2. Use active language: For each bullet point you want to use action words such as achieved, demonstrated, obtained, etc. These power words help to grab the eye of the reader.
  3. Present Information: There are several different ways to present your experience. The most commonly used is reverse chronological order (most recent experience first). Another portion of presentation is with education. If you've been in the work force for more than five years, have general school, location, degree and year graduated information. If less than five years, you may want to put more information such as your GPA, any scholarships you received, etc.
  4. Be Consistent: Choose a pattern of spacing, an order of information presentation or a format of highlighting and be consistent throughout.
  5. Check For Grammar: Always double check your grammar. Never send out a resume with spelling errors on it. Another good idea is to have a friend look at it as they may see something you'll miss.
  6. Neatness and Visual Appeal: When printing your resume, do so on professional looking paper, white or off-white. Any other color may look unprofessional and hard to read. If you're emailing it, make sure the layout will look right electronically.

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