May 25, 2018

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Know Your Worth

10 Easy Steps to Learn What
Your Job Skills are Worth

  1. Check competitive salaries to know where you stand in the industry.

  2. Network, network, network. Talk to other people who have the same position as you do now - in person and at online discussion boards. Find out what their responsibilities are. Do you have skills they don't? Find out whom to talk to next.

  3. Know the opportunities for candidates with your skill set - in the same company, in different organizations and industries and in different segments of an industry.

  4. Become an expert at translating your skills into promotable working skills. Practice your one-minute "elevator story" until it convinces your friends and relatives.

  5. Immerse yourself in the industry. Know its environment, needs and trends. Be ready to leverage your skills when you see an opportunity.

  6. Join trade associations and network some more. There's no better way to assess how you're doing than to schmooze with other people in the business.

  7. Understand how pay is set in your industry. Understand how human resource departments establish compensation policies and how flexible they are.

  8. Check out salary survey sites on the Internet.

  9. Read the trade publications and the business press.

  10. Find a mentor.

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