May 20, 2018

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Getting a Promotion to Get a Raise

When people are hired for a position, the pay they receive coincides with the rates and experience of the employee. Raises are done on a percentage scale based on performance. Inevitably, this can result in newer employees getting hired at a higher rate than one who has been with the company for several years. Keeping up on the salary average for your industry and location can help regarding this, but you should also keep in mind that sometimes a promotion is a better way to get the responsibilities and the pay you are looking for.

The first thing is to know what you're looking to do. You should continually be letting your manager know of your career goals, and your manager should be helping you achieve the requirements for getting you there. Continually show your manager how you contribute to the company and that you care by doing some self-promotion of your accomplishments as well as using your demeanor and willingness to take on more responsibilities as a way to show your motivation.

Secondly, make sure it's known that you want to be promoted. Talking to your manager about the position(s) you're looking at is helpful to let them know of your goals. They can help you obtain the requirements needed if you don't already have them. Look at the job board within your company. Decide which positions you want to apply for, and follow the company's procedures for internal employees applying for the position. Note that you shouldn't use your seniority with the company as a reason for deserving the job. Hiring managers look at work success for internal and external applicants rather than seniority as qualifications for a position.

Third, if you are passed over for a promotion this time, don't give up. Meet with your manager to find out why you were passed over. Ask what steps will help get you the job you want and any requirements that are needed. Also, meeting regularly will help you stay on track as well as keep your manager updated on your accomplishments. This shows your devotion to doing a good job both now and in any position you hold in the future.

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