May 21, 2018

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Acceptance Letters

Before accepting a job offer you should always ask for a written confirmation that expressly outlines the terms of your employment. Information that should be included is your start date, job title, salary and other incentive programs you may eligible for, benefits and who you will be reporting to. Not all employers voluntarily provide such letters but it is better in the long run for you to be persistent in asking for one. It could help prevent problems down the road.

An acceptance letter is clearly one of the most pleasant letters you'll write. You've finished your job search at last and they have extended a written offer to you. It is now your turn to formally accept their offer and confirm that you understand the terms of your new employment. The letter can also be used if any part of their offer is unclear to you or different than what you had previously discussed.

When writing your acceptance letter be businesslike, but also let them know you are genuinely excited to be joining their team. Never make it read like a form letter.

The following are some examples of what you could include in your acceptance letter:

Be Positive!

Confirm the Details

Sign off on an upbeat note

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