June 24, 2018

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Email Networking Tips

You probably know this already, but let's review a powerful truth -- most of the best jobs are filled by networking. Not classified ads or employment agencies.

Networking, which is just people helping other people, can be your ticket to a dream job. And, because every serious business is now connected to the Internet, email is a powerful way for you to expand your network and find that job faster.

Here's how you can use email to network for your next job.

First, where can you find network contacts? Start with Web sites of professional associations, trade magazines or companies in your target industry. You'll eventually find lists of people who can help you. When writing to potential network contacts, try language like this:

"Dear Mr./Ms. X:

My name is _____ and I found your name through I am not a headhunter or salesman, nor am I asking you for a job. Rather, I'm looking for information and advice to help me with my job search.

I would like to get your insight on (company/industry/position). Would you be able to chat for 15 minutes to answer a few questions? We can talk by phone or via email, whichever you prefer. You may call me collect at 123-555-1212 or email at

Thank you for time! I look forward to hearing from you."

Once you've generated networking interviews, here's how you can get the most out of them:

Using email to expand and build on your network of professional contacts can be a time-saving, highly effective way to expand your network.

Eventually, you should connect with a decision maker who can hire you for the job you desire.

Best of luck to you!

- Kevin Donlin is the author of "Resume and Cover Letter Secrets Revealed," a do-it-yourself manual that will help you find a job in 30 days ... or your money back. For more information, please visit

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