June 24, 2018

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Top 20 Recruiter Pet Peeves About Resumes

Recently ResumeDoctor undertook the immense project of interviewing several hundred recruiters/headhunters to find out what they are saying about resumes. These recruiters stemmed from varied specialties and industries throughout the US and Canada, (Engineering, Information Technology, Sales and Marketing, Executive, Biotech, Healthcare, Administrative, Finance, etc.). ResumeDoctor sought to find out what are the recruiter’s likes and dislikes in a resume they receive and what is going to get a resume read by them. Some of the "Pet Peeves" shared will be obvious, while others might surprise a job seeker.

# 20 - Burying or Not Including Important Information in the Resume

Many recruiters shared that candidates often leave off very important and critical experience/information that is pertinent to the job they are seeking. Just as bad is to include this important info, (i.e. holding a Security Clearance or being bi-lingual in Spanish, when it is a requirement of the position), but burying it so deep into the resume the recruiter will not see it. No recruiter has the time to play Sherlock Holmes or guessing games to figure out a candidate's background. Jobseekers must be aware that recruiters receive literally hundreds of resumes a day and spend only about 10 seconds "skimming" through each resume. This is why it is imperative that if a job seeker possesses the requirements of the position, that they GRAB the recruiter’s attention IMMEDIATELY with these skills/experience. If not, it reduces the chances that a recruiter will call considerably. The best scenario is to customize each and every resume that is sent out and tailor it to the "hot buttons" that will catch the employer/recruiters attention within 5-10 seconds.

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J. Michael Worthington, Jr.

Previous Pet Peeves:

# 20 - Burying or Not Including Important Information in the Resume
# 19 - Gaps in Employment
# 18 - Resumes Written in the 1st or 3rd Person
# 17 - No Easy to Follow Summary
# 16 - Pictures, Graphics or URL Links
# 15 - Resumes not sent as a WORD Attachment
# 14 - Poor Font Choice
# 13 - Objectives or Meaningless Introductions
# 12 - Lying or Misleading Information
# 11 - Employer or Industry Information Not Included
# 10 - Personal Info Not Relevant to the Job
# 9 - Candidates Who Apply to Positions They are Unqualified For
# 8 - Long Paragraphs
# 7 - Long Resumes
# 6 - Functional Resumes
# 5 - Poor Formatting
# 4 - Incomplete Contact Info
# 3 - Dates Not Included or Inaccurate Dates
# 2 - Too Duty Oriented
# 1 - Spelling Errors, Typos and Poor Grammar

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