June 21, 2018

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5 Easy Tips on How to Best Utilize Recruiters in Your Job Search

Some of your most frustrating experiences as a job seeker may stem from your interactions with third-party recruiters. Much of this friction occurs when job seekers mistake a recruiter for a job search "agent." However, whether you like it or not, recruiters are often a necessary part of the job-seeking process. The truth is that a recruiter's first obligation lies in locating the best candidate for their clientís job opening. Most recruiters work on a contingency basis and only receive compensation when they make a successful placement. This type of incentive system means that the candidates with the most marketable skills will likely receive the most attention.

The close relationship between recruiters and employers means that they can often put you on the fast tract to an interview. Here are 5 sure-fire strategies that can make working with recruiters more successful:

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