June 21, 2018

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Top Online Sources for Finding Telecommuting Employment

The first place most job seekers look when they want to find employment is in their local newspapers. But if you’re looking for a telecommuting job you’ll find that companies with work-from-home positions rarely advertise in newspapers.

The Internet is one of the best places to find a telecommuting position. For one, the Internet is the primary way a home-based worker and their employer communicate. It also offers the widest array of job-hunting sources. So, if you aren’t Internet savvy it’s time to get that way.

Here are the best online sources to search for a telecommuting job:

The most common online source is what I call Mega Job Boards. is an example. When searching such a large job board make sure to use its advanced search feature for more targeted results. For example, try something like, “yourdesiredjob+home”, rather than just “telecommute”.

Another job source is NICHE boards, which advertise jobs within a particular industry or category. An industry niche board might post job ads only from companies seeking retail-related workers. A category niche board might post jobs for any industry, but they must be for, say, temporary or contractual positions.

Going further are SUPERNICHE job boards. These boards focus on a single profession within an industry, such as nursing, and not the entire medical field. Niche and Super-Niche job ads are carefully screened as these boards want to make sure they only post ads that fit into their niches. Therefore, these are good sources for finding work-from-home jobs.

Due to the growing popularity of telecommuting, there are people who make it their business to comb the Internet for good job leads; and then arrange all their information into sensible formats so that, for a fee, you can simply log on to their web sites and view nothing but legitimate work-from-home jobs.

Investigate sites before simply reading their sales pitches and claims, and then paying their fees. You may not get what you pay for. Try to research the following:

Guarantee of employment
If a fee-based job site guarantees that by joining their site you will get a home-based job, run. We all know that being employed is the last thing anyone can guarantee!

Type of advertising
If you find that a fee-based company advertises itself as a hiring company just to lure you to their site, be leery. If they aren’t upfront with you in the beginning, then don’t trust that they will be throughout your membership.

Their reputation
Visit message boards and chat groups. Ask for opinions about a particular site. What have others heard about the company in question?

Length of time in business
Although new companies might have the best intentions, due to unforeseen circumstances they might not last. If they should fold, you’ll be back to square one.(Minus the membership fee, of course!)

Verifiable references
Testimonials look nice, but are they real? Ask if you can contact current members. Find out if they’ve found work through the site, or if there was an ample amount of leads that could have helped them?

Contact information
Is there contact information? You have the right to know who’s behind a service you are paying for.

Take time to look into these points before you sign up with a fee-based job site. It’s your money; don’t lose it trying to make it!

Web sites posting freelancing opportunities have become popular over the last several years. Jobs posted on this site typically are projects, as opposed to long term, steady employment, and job seekers must place bids to try to win the job. However, it’s another iron to throw in the fires.

Take advantage of all the resources the Internet offers. If you’re serious about finding a job, use all your options. Drop your resumes everywhere. Finding telecommuting employment takes work, but it is attainable. Just make sure you don’t leave any stones unturned.

© Pamela La Gioia

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