June 21, 2018

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Ignorance Is Not Bliss Ė Why You Arenít Getting Job Offers

Do you keep getting rejected at each and every interview that you go on? Is this getting you down? Making you feel dejected? Before you decide that "itís all someone elseís fault," have you thought of the possibility that you might be going wrong somewhere during the interview process? Well, instead of just sitting there and wondering why youíre not getting any good job offers you should probably try to find out why and make changes. Most job seekers feel that they have been rejected for no reason whatsoever, but this is usually not true.

Reasons Why You Might Be Getting Rejected

Here Are Five Of The Most Common Reasons Why Interviewers Reject Applicants:

Prior to going on an interview, make a note of your strengths and talents. Present yourself with enthusiasm and confidence. Make sure you follow up and once youíve done all this, be ready to have multiple job offers waiting at your doorstep.

- Heather Eagar

Recognized as a leading expert in the employment search industry, Heather Eagar is passionate about providing working professionals with up-to-date, reliable and effective employment help and tools. Heather has succeeded in creating the Ultimate Job Search Experience for job seekers at

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