June 24, 2018

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The Job Interview - Opportunity or Dreaded Event?

Job interviews — most people cringe at the thought. Interviews top the list of dreaded activities along with having a root canal, public speaking and cleaning the cat box. Yet we can find ourselves in a position to interview at a moment’s notice. The loss of a job, an opportunity for a promotion and the necessity to transfer all trigger an interviewing event. Are you prepared? Do you have an up-todate resume? Have you put in the "thought time" to be able to respond intelligently to interview questions?

In some ways, we’re always interviewing, or at least we should be. As we perform our regular jobs, we run into "career moments of truth" on a daily basis. Potential bosses or future employers are lurking around many corners, both at work and after work. If we’re aware and prepared, we can seize these opportunities. Interestingly enough, the same activities that are necessary to prepare for a great interview are also necessary to capitalize on opportunities that may come up on a daily basis.

The preparation required to be at the top of your game and ready for anything (in a career sense) falls into two categories: mental preparation and career planning preparation. Just as in any competition, your mental preparation is essential for a successful interview. Here are some thought starters.

Mental Preparation

The key is planning and preparation. Good luck, and enjoy that new job!

-Lisa Magnuson
Lisa D. Magnuson is the author of the popular book "The 48-Hour Rule and other strategies for career survival." To learn more or to contact Lisa, please visit

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