June 25, 2018

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How to Land a GREAT JOB in Tough Times

Did you know that 63% of people hired in the last year found their job through contacts? Or that 80% of all job openings go unadvertised? 80%! Most of these are GREAT jobs that were found through networking and researching potential employers, not on job listing websites.

In today's tough economy, people who learn and use networking techniques will be those that succeed. But for some people the task of networking is difficult. Ken was a project manager for a large tech company and lost his job. He became a client and told me he had no network, to speak of, and belonged to no professional or civic organizations. He tried a few colleagues, and his old boss, but they knew of no job openings. I taught him some effective networking strategies, and he began again. Armed with what he had learned in our counseling sessions, it was no time before he met someone new who willingly passed on his resume. That contact led him to landing a terrific new job.

Here are a few tips to get started. (For more help check out my new Networking Audio CD, or get it as an MP3 download.)

This approach takes a lot of effort--but it works--and in our competitive job market that's all that matters!

- Robin Ryan

Career Counselor and Best-Selling Author

America's most popular career counselor, Robin Ryan, is the author of four bestselling books: 60 Seconds & You're Hired!, Winning Resumes, Winning Cover Letters, and What to Do with the Rest of Your Life. She's appeared on over a thousand TV & radio shows including Oprah, Dr. Phil, and has been published in most major newspapers and magazines including USA Today & the Wall Street journal. Contact her at 425.226.0414; email:

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