June 19, 2018

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Working for a Staffing Agency

Dear Joan:

I am looking to get any advice you have regarding working for Staffing Agencies for temporary or temp-to-hire positions in my town? I plan to switch to a different field. I can use my past employment skills for the new field. I feel now is a good time to have a fresh start in a new field as many companies have downsized to reduce costs. I am also thinking that there would be more work available through the agencies. To end, do you have any specific advice for negotiating a wage when employed by the agencies? I do not have a degree and the field I refer to does not require a degree. I just want to make sure I am on the right track as I go about this.

Thank you for suggestions/advice with anything I might be missing in the thought process.


You are on the right track—staffing agencies hold the keys people can use to unlock this tough market. Human resources departments have been scaled back and are stretched thin. They often rely on professional staffing firms to help them recruit and to hire both temporary and full-time employees. In fact, staffing agencies often get the job posting from companies first, rather than the company advertising it to the public.

“The key to getting a great position through a staffing agency is this: Treat the agency as if they were a “real” employer—because they are,” says MaryAnn Raash, Milwaukee District Leader for SEEK Careers and Staffing. “If they don’t listen to instructions, or they dress in a sloppy way, or continually hound us, it reflects poorly on them as a candidate.”

Here are some specific tips from Raash:

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