June 20, 2018

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Eight is Enough!

Top Candidates are still moving quickly in the marketplace, the above average candidate from resume to hire in about 3 weeks.

For example, we have seen a well-known company slow down the hiring process 5 months for lower level positions. The number of interviews increased from 3 interviews to as many as 8 interviews. Almost everyone related to the position was included in the hiring process creating very different thoughts on the candidate's "fit" in the organization.


Interviewing costs are now exceeding an average of $27,000 per hire, and can take more then 3 months to complete. Having positions open for an extended period of time can cost companies as much as $1 million dollars in 6-9 months for some sales positions.

Example: A company began a search for a position in August. In February the following year, they began to contact an "Executive Recruiter." The job description was very vague, and the location was undetermined. The salary was $20,000 short of attracting top talent. The company interviewed only candidates who were employed and would be willing to take pay cut.

Result: The company never made the hire. Nine months of time, effort, and money were wasted.


Qualify the need, identify the right skill sets, and get a candidate through the process quickly. This will save your company thousands of dollars. "Time is Money."

-Brett Stevens, Certified Senior Account Manager of SearchLogix Group.
Brett Stevens has enjoyed remarkable success in the Executive Search Business. Brett has achieved the industry's highest level of professional certification: Certified Senior Account Manager (CSAM). He has received numerous regional, national, and international awards through meeting the needs of his clients. He continues to achieve record breaking performance and has been nationally recognized for those results with The SearchLogix Group. Brett is a member of the Council of Logistics Management, APICS, and WERC. He has been recognized in many trade magazines and is a notable guest speaker and most recently, Brett was recognized internationally by the American Stroke Association for his fundraising efforts. Brett can be reached at

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