June 22, 2018

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How Resumes Differ From Job Applications

Many job seekers mistakenly believe the resume and the application are one in the same. That isn't the case. The resume and the application each serve a distinct and important purpose during the job search. That's the reason you are required to complete an application even after you’ve submitted a resume. The biggest differences between the two documents include the following:

A number of job seekers believe they can simply write "see resume" on their application instead of completing the form. Avoid that move for two reasons. First, the employer will not let that slide, because as noted above, the application has a specific purpose in the job interview process. So in the end, the interviewer will call you out on the missing information and request that you return to the waiting room to complete the form. Secondly, candidates who try to buck the system during the hiring process are viewed as potential employees who won't follow directions if hired.

Either scenario doesn't bode well for you. The impression you want to give during the hiring process is of someone who is thorough, cooperative, and savvy to the rules of the game. Doing so will bring you one step closer to a job offer.

- Linda Matias

Linda Matias is a Nationally Certified Resume Writer who heads resume service . She is also the author of 201 Knockout Answers to Tough Interview Questions: The Ultimate Guide to Handling the New Competency-Based Interview Style. You can reach her at to request a resume quote. You can also visit her website at

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