June 24, 2018

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3 Easy Ways to Get Your Resume Past The HR Filters

  1. Clearly State Your Objectives

    One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to have a clear picture in your mind of just what your objectives are. This may be a time of transition for you. You can see the writing on the wall and realize some cuts are coming so don't be left flat-footed. It is always better to be proactive. If you are passed-over for a lay-off or termination because of downsizing, you have lost nothing. It may also open some doors that otherwise you would never have even been aware of.

    It is essential to state your objective clearly and make your case for a position by highlighting your skills and accomplishments that will benefit any firm in your chosen field. The challenge is to keep it concise and compelling. The resume is designed to get you interviews and you will have mere seconds to catch the interest of the person looking to basically rule out as many people as quickly as is possible. Make it as easy as possible for them to find exactly what they are looking for.

    Once your resume meets the inevitable filtering required to get to those that have successfully perked the interest of a hiringmanager, you will then have that opportunity in an interview to further elaborate on all of the finer points you will bring to theprospective employer.

  2. Write Easy To Read Resumes

    Human Resources Department workers appreciate keeping things short and to the point. The highlights you want to draw attention to can be easily read when bullet points are used. It also uses the powerful attraction of 'white space’, which draws the eye. By keeping the sentences short and using keywords, you are much more likely to find yourself sitting in an interview. Always put things in 'top-down' order regarding your strengths and the attributes you will bring to the company.

    Using symbols instead of typing out words will draw attention. For instance, a statement like: "Managed 5 stores with $1 million in annual sales. Increased the revenue by 15%, increased ongoing training and built a productive staff of 50" will be more easily read and understood.

  3. Include Keywords and Action Words

    Many companies now scan resumes into computers, which will key on certain words that are programmed to be recognized. Important keywords can be found by reading job descriptions and the criteria that is posted. Make sure you include them in your bullet points.

    Action words give a distinct impression of achievements. Include words like accomplished, built, completed, developed, examined, and so on. This will help to ensure you are not over-using any particular words.

Following these three simple steps will go a long way towards getting your resume noticed and set in the 'Yes' box. There are many more fine points that need to be addressed and may make all the difference in how your career objectives will be fulfilled.

By all means, consider finding a professional resume service. Whether you have invested thousands of dollars on education, or invested years in mastering your trade, these are people that know the finer points so to provide you with one of the most valuable documents you will ever possess.

- Heather Eagar

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