June 23, 2018

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Three Tips That Will Help On The Job Hunt

Unfortunately, in these trying economic times more and more people are once again on the job hunt with resume in hand. Some of these people have been in the same job for ten, fifteen, sometimes even twenty years and now are having to look for new positions. It can be very daunting after having worked for so long to back in the job hunt market. But with a few tips to help remind you what the basic things are that will help make your job hunting successful, it may not be quite as difficult as you think.

The most important thing anyone can do that finds themselves on the job hunt with resume in hand is to be proactive. Don't wait for that special advertisement for that perfect job to come to you, go look for it. Your work experience is great but without the effort put into the search no amount of tips will help to make it come to a successful conclusion, of you in that perfect job. The only one that can make that happen is you. So no matter how many no's you encounter keep at it until you have achieved your goal, the perfect job.

Three Helpful Tips

Taking into account that ninety percent of job openings aren't advertised one strategy could be talking to friends and colleagues. Word-of-mouth can do wonders for advertising that you, that perfect professional, are now available for their job opening. That you can now be grabbed, to solve the unique issue with that job opening that they have. So use those friends and colleague connections to help you find some of those other ninety percent of unadvertised openings that are out there for you to submit a resume to.

But remember too, that even when applying for a job opening your body language and attitude will go a long way to making you a candidate for consideration. Most experts are quoted as stating that body language, tonality of speech, and even the words you use will go a long way to making you a consideration. Along these same lines, relax, when you are searching for that perfect job and filling out application after application, and handing our resume after resume, relax. Don't transfer your feelings of anxiety about finding the perfect job so that prospective employers feel them. This will go a long way to showing professionalism.

Todd Goldstein


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