June 25, 2018

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10 Awesome Careers That College Students Should Think About - Part 1

There is no doubt that the economy is still struggling, but the good news is that there are some fields that have remain unaffected by the economic downturn. In fact, if economists and HR experts are to be believed, these fields will continue to flourish and thrive even in the future. So if you are student and looking to shape your career after leaving college, these are some career choices you should be looking at to enjoy earning good money and have job security.

  1. Tower Technician

    If you like the great outdoors and have no fear of heights, being a tower technician could be ideal. There are currently many projects on the market and companies are on a hiring spree. While the work involves traveling, the wages more than make up for it. You can earn between $60,000 and $70,000 a year, as companies pay hourly wages along with overtime. The great thing about being a tower technician is that you do not necessarily need a college degree in the related field. With on-the-job training, you can easily master the work and enjoy the thrill of traveling and working at heights.

  2. Land Surveying / Geomatic Engineering

    It has been observed that most surveyors have grown old and this is the reason why you will easily get a job in this line right after leaving college. And, if you are a fast learner and get your professional license, you will not only climb up the hierarchy quickly, but also earn a six-figure income. The salary of a geomatic engineer in USA ranges from $26,000 to $56,000 annually.

  3. Unexploded Ordinance Technician

    The way the world is shaping, there is a serious demand for unexploded ordinance technicians, not just in the United States, but also in other parts of the world. After college, you would need another course for about 1.5 months. While this course is expensive, at US$12,000, you can easily recover the cost. The starting salary of an unexploded ordinance technician is about $60,000 annually and with experience it can climb up to more than $100,000 annually. However, this work involves a lot of traveling, but the thrill of blowing up things makes it worthwhile!

  4. Packaging Engineer

    While there are very few schools that offer a degree program in packaging engineering, the program is not that tough. And, the moment you finish your studies, you can be certain of getting a job. There are many companies looking for packaging engineers, in particular Fortune 500 companies. So getting hired by a well-known company and enjoying a lucrative pay package is not out of the question. The salary of a packaging engineer in USA ranges from $45,000 to $74,000 annually.

  5. Hearing Aid Practitioner

    With the baby boomer generation fast retiring, there is a need for hearing aid practitioners or audiologists. This generation will require hearing aids as it grows older. However, there is also the younger generation that is impairing its hearing by listening to loud music on their iPods and other handheld devices. You require graduate degree, many clinic hours as well as state certification, but the work by itself is rewarding and the high pay is the ultimate icing on the cake. The salary of a hearing aid practitioner in USA ranges from $61,000 to $85,000 annually.

So do not let the economy dishearten you. There are some great career options that are out there if you are interested. Besides being interesting, most of these careers offer you job security.

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