June 23, 2018

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Career Fairs and how to make them valuable- Part 2

Here are more valuable tips to help with your career job fair experience.

7. Be at the fair when it opens. Often job fairs are fairly quiet earlier in the morning. You will have more time to spend with potential employers and you will be more alert.

8. Take notes and collect business cards. Get the names and telephone numbers of key contacts, including the name of the hiring manager in the area you are targeting. Allow at least 5 minutes after each meeting to jot down important points and questions for follow up.

9. It is a good idea to have your own personalized business cards. The card should be stapled to your resume and handed out to other attendees as well as potential employers.

10. You should bring the following with you: at least 50 resumes, character references and letters of recommendation from previous employers, a briefcase, and a pen and tablet. Put your resume directly into the hands of the company representative. Do not just drop it off on their display table.

11. Network with other fair attendees. They may have information on a position that you would find interesting or they may know someone else who can help you. Networking fills more positions than any other recruitment or job search method.

12. Before leaving the career fair, revisit those companies where you had the most interest and be prepared to ask one or two additional questions to create a lasting impression. Leave a second copy of your resume.

Remember that the career fair is a vehicle for you to gain valuable exposure. Do your preparation, and due diligence; practice interviewing; dress for success; bring plenty of resumes; use the event as a forum to network; and conduct yourself as if your future depends upon it it does.

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Author Lawrence Alter is president of L.D.A. Enterprises, Ltd.; a Minneapolis based outplacement and career management firm. He is a recognized expert in career growth techniques. Call (952) 697-3663 or send ideas and questions to:

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