June 24, 2018

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How Volunteer Work Can Help Your Career

No matter how busy you are, it would do you well to find some time for volunteer work. There are three good reasons to volunteer your time to a worthy cause.

Youíll increase your network of valuable contacts. Working alongside others is the best way for others to know and trust you. What better way to learn about job openings. Whether youíre in a job search or not, itís important to have people around you who think highly enough of you to recommend you to their employer.

Youíll learn new skills and gain responsibilities. When you take on responsibilities in a volunteer basis you have the opportunity to learn new skills that can help you out in your career as well.

Youíll gain valuable resume material. Your successes in the volunteer world can easily translate to resume accomplishments. Volunteer work can also help fill gaps between employment positions.

To gain these benefits, consider giving some of your time and talents to an organization whose cause you believe in. Not only will it help your professional life, but youíll find new meaning and purpose for your life and time.

- Deborah Walker, CCMC

Resume Writer ~ Career Coach

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