June 25, 2018

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Overcoming Your Job Interview Worries

Do you get nervous? Worry you'll mess up on answering the tough questions? Think that you are over-qualified? Won't have enough experience?

Men and women differ on what their interview fears are. While woman are most afraid of being too nervous or not being able to answer a specific question, men are most worried about being overqualified.

In the interview you must sell yourself effectively. Here are my top 5 recommendations to deal with these issues.

  1. PREPARE! - Nothing beats researching the company, checking LinkedIn for insights on the hiring manager and using your network for insider information as to what are the key problems the company and that department faces.

  2. Define Your Results - You must be able to discuss your past accomplishments and the results you've had working in previous positions. This is critical to your success. Outline process or system improvements you've made, money or time saved, dollars you added to the bottomline, etc..

  3. Write Out Answers - Review typical and tough questions. Craft answers that are concise (60 seconds or less) and demonstrate your ability to completely do the job. Think about examples of past work experience that you can use to answer questions that demonstrate your leadership skills, organizational ability and the fact that you achieve the needed results and thus were successful on the job.

  4. Role-play - Practice answering questions by having a friend, colleague or spouse ask you interview questions. Ask them to give you feedback on the effectiveness of your answers, plus comment on your non-verbal communication - vocal tone, smile, eye contact -- and to point out any distracting fidgeting you may be unaware of.

  5. Offset Nervousness - Heart-thumping, face-twitching, voice-quivering nervousness will reflect poorly on you and the strong self-confident, "I can solve your problems" impression you are trying to make. To rid your body of nervous tension, just before you go into the interview find a private spot outside or in the restroom, shake out your arms, legs and hands. This physical exercise releases tension that has built up and helps calm you. Take a several long, deep breaths. Clear your mind. Then, close your eyes and visualize a scene about winning, seeing yourself as the "winner". This visualization helps get you into a positive, "I can do it" framework.

The interview, without a doubt, is the most important part of getting the job you want. Preparation is the key to having confidence to ace it.

Career Counselor Robin Ryan provides individual career counseling, job search, resume writing and interview coaching services to clients nationwide. She is the bestselling author of 60 Seconds & You're Hired!; Winning Resumes; Winning Cover Letters; Soaring On Your Strengths; What to Do with the Rest of Your Life; and Over 40 & You're Hired. Robin Ryan has appeared on over 1500 TV and radio shows including: Oprah, Dr. Phil, Fox News, PBS and CNN. Website:

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