May 21, 2018

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Job Search Facts You Need To Know

Job hunting is a slow process. A lot of frustration and time and employers seem to move at a snail's pace when you are searching for that next career move. Here are eight key JOB SEARCH FACTS you likely don't know but should.

  1. US Dept. of Labor states that 63% of new jobs are secured by using networking.

  2. There were 4.6 million job openings as of July 1 2014. Approximately 80% of available jobs are never advertised.

  3. The average number of people who apply for any given job: 118.

  4. Length of time for people over age 45 to land a new job is over 6 months.

  5. Many companies use talent-management software to screen resumes, weeding out over 50% of applications before any individual ever looks at a resume or cover letter.

  6. On average, a job interview last 40 minutes.

  7. LinkedIn's research states that 48% of people apply for jobs using their phones.

  8. In the U.S., 42% of professionals are uncomfortable negotiating salary. By not negotiating, an individual stands to lose more than $500,000 by the time they reach 60.

Why are these facts so useful and important?

#1 Learn the process. About 80% of the jobs lie in the hidden job market. Knowing how to uncover them and apply effectively is important. Networking is the most successful technique yet most people do it poorly if at all. Read books or take a class to learn what works in today's job market.

#2. Target Your Resume. You'll cut down your search time if you know the job title you seek and can articulate that to friends (for networking) as well as employers. Be sure your resume is no more than 2 pages. Focus it on stressing you major accomplishments and the results you've delivered. Do not fill the page with boring job descriptions no one will read.

#3. Be ready with your 60 Seconds Sell. Interviews are a stressful time for the hiring manager. They don't want to make a mistake and hire the wrong candidate. So prepare your 60 Second Sell (outlined in the book 60 Seconds & You're Hired. This is your verbal business card that concisely summarizes your 5 top selling points on why you can do the job. It's the ideal way to begin an interview and the perfect answer to the opening question, "Tell me about yourself."

#4. Negotiate Your New Job's Salary! Most employers today start a job offer by beginning with a lower salary than that employer is willing to pay. By asking for more you can be reward with more dollars in that next pay check. Being afraid, insecure or just not knowing are expensive problems you can easily solve. Reiterate the value you bring noting your key experience and skills. Listen to my Salary Negotiations Strategies CD so you don't get cheated out of any money you could be earning by asking correctly.

Robin Ryan is America's leading career authority. She's appeared on 1500 TV & radio shows including Oprah, Dr Phil, Cnn, ABC News and NPR. Robin has a career counseling practice working with works with individual clients across the US helping them land better jobs. Robin Ryan Author of "60 Seconds & You're Hired"

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