June 21, 2018

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5 Tips for Finding Seasonal Temporary Employment

  1. The resume is simply used to present and market your skills. Whether you are seeking a job as an accountant or a retail clerk, a resume is a must-have; donít expect to get far without one. Often when it comes to retail jobs (the biggest employment sector that hires seasonal holiday help), the applications are tough to fill out and the employerís first impression of you will be your penmanship. Having a resume gives you ample time to craft a marketing piece that really sells your skills. In addition, applications are often poorly designed and rarely give the employer the best look at your background as a job seeker. Many jobseekers that apply to retail jobs often donít think of a using a resume and only rely on the application. So make yourself more visible and stand out more than all the other candidates.

    Always customize the resume to the job you are seeking. For instance, if you are seeking a seasonal holiday position at a clothing retailer and you had retail experience while in school, make sure your resume clearly states you have X years of experience in the clothing retail business.

    When you create a resume for a particular season part-time job, it is always best to find the similarities between the other experiences you might have and the position you are seeking. For instance, if you work as a customer service rep at a cellular phone provider, without a doubt your customer service skills can be directly translated to assisting customers in a retail environment.

  2. Where are the Jobs?

    Identify companies in your area that traditionally see a spike in business during the holiday season. For instance:

    • Retail stores
    • Shipping companies such as UPS
    • Hotels and resorts
    • Restaurants
    • Conference centers that host holiday parties
    • Manufacturing companies
    • Gourmet foods and specialty products
    • Distribution centers for manufacturing companies

    It really gets down to simply identifying those organizations in your area that you would want to work for. If you are going to be giving up time away from your family and friends during the holiday season, make sure you will enjoy the work and the people there.

  3. Start early. Do not start looking on Black Friday, (the day after Thanksgiving). This is the busiest shopping day of the year and managers will not have time to talk to you nor hire you. They want their staff in place before such. Begin your search weeks before the rush.

  4. Contact and register with a couple of temporary staffing agencies. Once again, contact these firms early. Often these agencies have the inside scoop to many seasonal- help positions because they have been supplying talent to these companies for many years. Also, take the extra step to make personal contact with a recruiter at the firm.

  5. Interview Tips. When you secure an interview, dress appropriately for the job. At least present yourself in business-causal attire. When you interview, smile and be very enthusiastic.

Be flexible either with shifts and/or assignments.

Make sure you have reliable transportation to and from the employer.

Keep in mind that typically seasonal jobs do not pay very much, so make sure you look for positions that will appeal to you. Moreover, there may be some added fringe benefits to working at a particular company. For instance, a lift operator at a ski resort could yield a free ski pass, a sales associate at your favorite clothing retailer could yield discounts on the latest fashions or a local manufacturing company might yield other goodies that you have always wanted.

Many times seasonal help can turn into full-time permanent employment. If you are unemployed and looking or are simply in the job market, use this "seasonal help" window as a way to test-drive a company. In just a few short weeks, you can learn much about a companyís culture, product and if there are any other opportunities worth pursuing. An employer is much more likely to hire someone that they have used on their staff, (even if just on a temp basis) that they know, like and trust, rather than starting a fresh search with many unknowns.

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