May 21, 2018

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Job Hunting? 7 LinkedIn Strategies you must use- Part 2

LinkedIn is proving to be a terrific tool to add to your job search arsenal, but just going online and signing up won’t produce any results. Here are 7 ways to get recruiters to find and call you.

4. Use a great photo. Smiling and approachable is the look you are after. Don’t look standoffish in a formal business suit you rarely wear. Use a head shot of a smiling you which is more appealing and welcoming.

5. Customize your URL. It’s better to market yourself with a unique LinkedIn URL that just includes your name and not use the one LinkedIn automatically gives you with lots of numbers in it when you sign up. To change that go to the Edit Profile screen, at the bottom that shows your basic information, you’ll see a Public Profile URL. Click “Edit” next to the URL, and specify what you’d like your address to be, preferably just your name. Then, click Set Custom URL.

6. Avoid common buzzwords. Keywords matter. The most overused words according to LinkedIn are: creative, responsible, organizational, motivated, driven, extensive experience, strategic, track record, expert, effective, innovative, and analytical.

7. Make helpful connections. Search out and invite former bosses, co-workers, professional colleagues and friends to join your network. Be sure to write a quick note to personalize the request. If you need a boost, go to in the search type my name, my name Robin Ryan and invite me to connect with you. I’ll accept, and you’ll instantly have hundreds of connections – many of who will be HR and recruiters.

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Robin Ryan is America's leading career and job search expert. She's appeared on 1500 TV & radio shows including Oprah, Dr Phil, CNN, ABC News and NPR. Robin has a career counseling practice working with individual clients across the US helping them land better jobs. Robin Ryan is the bestselling author of 60 Seconds & You're Hired!; Winning Resumes; Winning Cover Letters; Soaring On Your Strengths; What to Do with the Rest of Your Life; and Over 40 & You're Hired. For more career help visit:

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