May 21, 2018

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Find a Job This Fall

Welcome back to fall! Hopefully the summer months allowed you to take a little break from the job search to help you revitalize and renew. The beginning of the fall season often signals a “back to business” mentality. So, if your first order of business is securing a job, here are some things you can do as you refocus on your search:

1) Give your home office or workspace a fall makeover. Clean it and spruce it up, so you are ready to dedicate yourself to your search in a comfortable, distraction-free space.

2) Use a weekly planner to create a schedule for your search, especially if you are unemployed. Set daily and weekly goals. Write them down and make yourself accountable for reaching them – or use a reward system if you need an extra push. If you are having trouble getting motivated, start with smaller goals and let the feeling of accomplishing them get you ready to tackle bigger ones.

3) Develop a system to track your job search activities. This could be an Excel spreadsheet that lists each company and position to which you’ve applied, dates of interviews, names of key people you’ve spoken to and when, and indicators for follow-up. If you aren’t into spreadsheets, there are several companies which offer a service to jobseekers to help manage the job search process–JibberJobber is one such company which may be a solution if you feel you need help beyond self-organization.

4) Optimize your resume and cover letter, or if feeling extra ambitious, create a “brag book” or professional portfolio. When done well, this can be a very effective tool during job interviews to help provide proof of your stated accomplishments.

5) Conduct mock interviews: think beyond the one-on-one interview and get a group together to help prepare you for the increasingly popular panel interview.

6) Get social–online and off! Make a list of 10 companies that you admire and follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. Use social media to make connections that you take offline; find local networking events and plan to attend.

7) Give yourself a style check. Does your interviewing attire need some freshening up for the fall? Does your hairstyle need some polish? Paying attention to looking your best is not only smart for the interview, but may give you a much-needed boost during a time of uncertainty in your life.

8) Research professional associations and find a new one (or your first!) to join. Many provide career resources, online job postings, and networking and educational opportunities. Register for an upcoming conference!

9) Reconnect with former colleagues – invite them to lunch or coffee. Inform (or update) them on your job search efforts.

10) Research low-cost educational opportunities at a local college or university, or use, to learn a new skill to add to your resume.

Teena Rose, Executive Resume Writer & Career/Job-Search Strategist

Need help with your resume or job-search efforts? If so, contact me @ (937) 325-2149 or via email at to discuss your resume and job-search goals now. You can also get a free copy of one of my books, Cover Letter Examples for Managers & Executives

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