June 25, 2018

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5 Tips To Stay Positive And Motivated While Job Searching

At the start of a job search, you may feel hopeful and excited about what potential opportunities may lie ahead, but many job seekers easily fall into a slump as time passes. Job searching is no quick process ó calls donít necessarily come after youíve submitted your resume; a second round of interviewing may end there; and even when itís between you and one other candidate, the job offer may wind up going to the other person.

Any of these scenarios can reasonably bring an individual down, but hereís what you can do to fight through it and keep going with even more empowerment.

Stay positive and motivated during the job search by:

1. Coming up with job search goals.

Treat your job search as a project with tangible goals. Figure out how many hours per week you will be focusing on the job search and assign the hours to specific tasks with related goals. For example, 10 hours will be spent networking with the goal of connecting with five people per week. Having weekly tasks and goals keeps you focused.

2. Not getting lazy.

Just because you donít have a job to go to doesnít mean you should lounge around. Aim to make things happen! Treat job searching like your full-time job. Before getting the day started, freshen yourself up as you would for work and stick to a routine for job searching.

You may start the day with checking email, making phone calls, then applying to jobs by lunch and leaving the afternoon to networking with others and researching for other job opportunities. When you stick to a schedule, you work more efficiently and thereís less of a chance for you to get lazy.

3. Re-examining your resume and LinkedIn profile.

If you havenít updated your resume in a while or itís not bringing in results you want, itís time to re-examine it. Same goes with your LinkedIn profile. When you do, you build stronger tools to work with in your job search and you will feel a greater sense of confidence.

4. Networking with others.

Job networking has a greater effectiveness rate at helping you find a job than other methods like the job boards and recruiters. It can also help you stay motivated. When you talk to others in the field asking for advice, it can feel like youíre getting closer to where you want to be because you have connections with insiders. Often, your job network can also share with you similar challenges they may have faced and offer insight to how they went about the situation, which in turn helps you reflect and react appropriately.

5. Doing something on the side while unemployed.

When the job search begins to feel like itís dragging on, look to do something on the side that may help you maintain your skills or help you build new skills that will be helpful on the next job. Whether itís volunteering a few hours a week, taking on temp work, or taking a class, it can help give you a lift or inspiration to stay motivated. It also gives you something to add to the resume so it doesnít look like you did diddly-squat while unemployed.

Finding a new job takes hard work, and finding a new job that you will love will take extra patience. Utilize these tips to help keep you going. Soon before you know it, the right job offer will come through!

Don Goodman, President of Best Resume Writing Service - About Jobs, is a nationally recognized career expert.

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