June 22, 2018

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3 Tips For Sending Your Cover Letter To Employers

Not sure how to go out sending your cover letter to employers? There are some critical things you should keep in mind.


ALWAYS send as a PDF so your formatting doesnít get screwed up, unless youíre instructed differently by the employer.

Why? Because your attachments can be sent to multiple people within the company and you donít want your amazing cover letter to get lost at the bottom of an email chain.

2. Proofread!

Proofread like six times. If you think youíve proofread it enough, do it once more.

This is one of your first impressions. Make it a good one! Donít let typos or grammatical errors hurt your brand.

3. Leave out the email address until the last minute.

Donít put the email in until youíre 100% sure your message is perfect. Donít want any accidents!

Author: Ariella Coombs

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