June 24, 2018

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What Makes a Successful Temp?

So you don't have the greatest resume in town. Maybe the holes you see in your professional experience are wide enough to cause others to wonder what the heck your problem is. Don't despair. While a strong work history and solid skills will always be important, personal qualities will help lead the way to employment opportunities.

Over the years I've placed thousands of temporary employees to work. When two individuals of equal qualification came in looking for work, it became readily apparent that the person I'd offer the assignment to was the one who displayed personal qualities that were never discovered in a resume.

The Staffing industry is hectic. The reason is the constant need on the part of employers to find the "perfect" employee. Often this need is an immediate one due to circumstances beyond the employers' control. The smart staffing service specialist responds quickly to a client's request with the right person for the job.


A temporary employee who is flexible is a staffing specialist's dream. This individual is willing to take assignments that are not always exactly what he or she wants. This person knows that one goal is to make the staffing specialist's job as seamless and headache free as possible.

Display your flexibility in the following ways:


If a staffing service specialist had one wish it would be for temporary employees to be consistently reliable. An unreliable temporary makes the staffing service itself look unreliable to its clients. In a competitive market if you can show to the world that you're not only a reliable employee but a reliable person as well, your days of unemployment may be shortened.

Display your reliability in the following ways:

Team Player

Above all else, staffing services are looking for employees who consider themselves part of the team. You are representing the staffing service when you're on assignment. Understand that you can make or break a company's reputation by your work ethic and attitude. As a team player you have the opportunity to advance the interests and goals of those around you. Never miss an opportunity to do so.

Display your team player ethic in the following ways:

When all is said and done, to stand out from the crowd of numerous others who are looking for work such as yourself, you've got to put others' agendas ahead of your own. By doing so you'll realize that while a resume is important, your personal qualities can move you to the top of the list!

-Kathy Maixner
Staffing service consultant and trainer
(503) 722-8199
©Selling Smart, 2002

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