July 22, 2018

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Getting Feedback You Can Use Immediately

The closing phase of the interview takes up the last five minutes and it's where you gather feedback to understand what perceptions the interviewer has of you. You ask two closing questions at the end of every interview.

The first question:

"What strengths do you feel I bring to this position?"

Using the word "feel" in the question makes it an opinion asking question and that is exactly what you want, their opinion of your strengths. You have just invested 45 minutes with this interviewer ( a stranger) and it is unreasonable to believe they have an accurate assessment of your background. When they are done responding to your first question, you can agree with them and add any additional strengths you wish to emphasize.

The second question and the most important question:

"What concerns do you have about my background?"

This question uncovers hidden concerns. It is the undisclosed concerns that can derail your candidacy. If you know about a concern you can address it while you are there face-to-face. As soon as you conclude that interview, their opinion of you is cast in stone and any seeds of concern will grow into weeds. Concerns grow over time but positive impressions remain the same. It's imperative that you uncover any concerns before you leave the interview.

When the interviewer expresses a concern do not jump all over it and try to make it go away. Listen carefully. After they tell you about one concern ask if they have any other concerns. They are telling you what their opinion is of you and areas where they need more information.

If you only ask one closing question, make sure to ask question number two; "What concerns do you have about my background?"

The closing is your chance to gather essential feedback and accelerate the process forward. You have invested time, money and energy to travel to and interview with this company. It is their professional obligation to give you feedback, but you have to ask for it.

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- Michael R. Neece
CEO Interview Mastery
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