May 20, 2018

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Instant Cover Letter Success – Secret #9

“To whom it may NOT concern…”

© Written By Jimmy Sweeney President of CareerJimmy and Author of the new, Amazing Cover Letter Creator.

Dear Job Seeker;

Which of these greetings should you use to start off your cover letter?

Group 1:

Dear Sirs; Dear Sir/Madam; Dear Gentlemen; To whom it may concern;

Group 2:

Dear Hiring Manager; Dear HR Director; Dear Human Resources;

Group 3:

Dear Mrs. Smith; Dear Mr. Jones; Dear Lilly Thomas;

Answer: Group 1 is the worst of the bunch. Group 2 is better. Group 3 is exactly what you should strive for.

The typical, “To whom it may concern;” concerns no one in particular.

Address your cover letter to a specific person whenever possible!

Make the extra effort and find out TO WHOM you should address your cover letter. For jobs posted online this can prove to be a difficult task but at the bare minimum make sure to address your letter to the proper company entity. Example: Hiring manager; HR Director; etc. (Source – Amazing Cover Letters )

Cool Cover Letter Greeting Tip: If you cannot find the specific name of the person most likely to review your letter, use one of the greetings from “group 2” and add this special sentence (example below) to the top of your letter tailored to your particular situation.


PLEASE NOTE: I wanted to address this cover letter to you by name but it was not provided online and I was unable to obtain it. I am very interested in this position.

Now you can insert your main headline below this sentence as I discussed last week.

Main Headline Example:(Should be centered and in bold text).

3 reasons why I believe I may be the candidate you are searching for regarding the [insert job opening title here].

Do you think this one-two punch would grab a person’s attention?

Absolutely. This is a prime example of turning a negative into a major positive.

The bottom line: When you target your cover letters to a specific person by name, you increase your odds of landing the job interview several times over.

So before you write your next cover letter, ask yourself this question:

To whom does this letter concern specifically? Then do your best to answer it!

Next week: Top 10 Cover Letter Secrets – Secret #8

“Short and sweet or kiss your chances goodbye.”

- Jimmy Sweeney

Amazing Cover Letters

Jimmy Sweeney is the president of CareerJimmy and author of the new, "Amazing Cover Letter Creator." Jimmy is also the author of several career related books and writes a monthly article titled, "Job Search Secrets." Visit our friends at Amazing Cover Letters for your ‘instant’ cover letter today. “In just 3˝ minutes you will have an amazing cover letter guaranteed to cut through YOUR competition like a hot knife through butter!”

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