June 25, 2018

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Posting Multiple Resumes On Job Boards

When confronted with the challenge of posting a resume online, many job seekers opt to present a general overview of their skills and accomplishments. Unfortunately, for individuals with experience in different industries, it can be difficult to build a universal resume that adequately communicates your diverse background.

Fortunately, many job boards now allow job seekers to post multiple resumes on their sites, so don’t be afraid to create different versions of your resume tailored to your skill sets. List your most marketable skills when uploading a resume to a job board and be sure to highlight them clearly. For instance, if you are a Design Engineer, but have experience doing technical sales and support, you should have one resume that is geared more towards your design background and another that highlights your sales and support achievements.

However, do keep in mind that these major job boards have literally millions and millions of resumes in their databanks, so be realistic. Don’t just assume that because you are uploading your resume to a major job board that the phone will start ringing off the hook… not in today’s job market. Because of this sheer volume of resumes available to recruiters, you also cannot guarantee that a recruiter will look at YOUR resume even when they perform a keyword search. For instance, a recruiter’s keyword search result might yield 600 matches and your profile could have popped up as # 599 in the results. The chances of that recruiter looking at all 600 are slim to none.

So instead of just sitting back and waiting for the phone to ring, you will have much better success by finding a specific posting that you are QUALIFIED for and then applying to it directly. It is here that you can literally get your pad and pen out and make a list of those skills, expertise and years of experience in a specific area that the position requires. Then simply CUSTOMIZE your resume to the position, making sure your resume CLEARLY addresses each criteria.

NOTE: In order to increase your chances that a recruiter will look at your resume (either on a job board or one that you send directly) you must make sure that your resume is INTERNET FRIENLDY. In short:

NOTE: You can test this out by cutting and pasting your resume to NOTEPAD. If all of your text, bullets, indenting, etc. are still in order, you should be in good shape. provides resume-consulting services and FREE resume evaluations for job seekers in all industries at: EvaluateResume

-J. Michael Worthington, Jr.

For more information, visit In addition to providing innovative resume consulting and analysis service for Job Seekers, also provides expert advice to job seekers, employers, and members of the media. is a subsidiary of Personal Department Inc. (PDI), Vermont’s largest independently owned staffing agency.

Read more tips on how to create an “Internet Friendly” resume at: InternetFriendlyResume

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