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How to Get Hired When You Are Over Age 40
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How to Get Hired When You Are Over Age 40

"We'd like to offer you the job." Those are wonderful words, words that every job candidate wants to hear. Employers need talented workers, but when you are over 40, they have concerns - serious concerns - about whether you are up to doing the job and giving them their money's worth.

Today's job market is most likely quite different from the last time you went after a new job. The process has changed. The younger competition is growing, and self-marketing is more important than ever before.

If you want a new job, you can find one. You will change your approach though, because you need to move out of the pack to get noticed.

You must be proactive in your efforts. In today's job market, these three things need to happen:

<-Know the exact job you want to be hired for. You must advertise what you can do for the employer and not expect them to figure out where you would fit in.

- Tap into the "hidden job market" in order to find better job opportunities

- Use proven ways of better self-promotion that will get a prospective employers' attention.

Here is some key guidelines to point you in the right direction:

-Networking is a must-use component for success. Gone are the days when you were sent to events and told "to work the room". Networking is now very strategic and effective. 63% of all jobs last year were found through contacts according to the Department of Labor. Cultivate your network. Join LinkedIn and post your professional profile. Attend professional meetings and conferences. For more strategy on building your network, listen to Robin's networking audio program.

- Discuss RESULTS! Employers care most about the results you've achieved in your most recent positions. Documenting these accomplishments and results achieved will demonstrate to hiring managers you got a lot of initiative and you apply it daily -not just 8 years ago. Use some enthusiasm in your voice when you discuss your skills and past accomplishments. Be sure resume is loaded with past results, process/systems improvements, and ways you may have saved time or made money for your previous employers.

Source: Winning Cover Letters, 2nd Edition Book by Robin Ryan

Robin Ryan has appeared on Oprah and Dr. Phil is considered America’s top career coach. Robin has a busy career counseling practice providing individual career coaching, resume writing services, interview preparation, salary negotiations, and outplacement, to clients nationwide. She is the best-selling author of: ” 60 Seconds & You’re Hired!“, ” Soaring On Your Strengths“, ” What to Do with the Rest of Your Life“, ” Winning Resumes” and, “Winning Cover Letters“. A dynamic national speaker, Robin has spoken to over 1200 audiences sharing her insights on how to improve their lives and obtain greater success. Contact Robin at: 425.226.0414, or email:, or visit her website:

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