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The interviewer asks: “Why has it taken you so long to find a job?”
Beat the Job Search Blues
Dress for Interview Success

Beat the Job Search Blues

Okay, admit it. You hate job-hunting. Lots and lots of people feel that way. The economy is lousy, there aren’t that many employers hiring for someone like you, and you’re thinking this could be a long job search. Too often, discouraged job hunters project a gloomy outlook.

Face facts. Today’s job hunt is likely to take longer than six months. For high level executives, or those in failing industries, it can be over a year. It’s easy to sink into the blue but they can paralyze your job search. You must change the negative self-talk and get a handle on your fear and anxiety. Devaluing yourself or moping – and feeling sorry for yourself will not land you a job.

Here are some action steps that will enable to you to fight back and take control over your future, and to get rid of the job search blues:

  • Try a new approach. If something’s not working, don’t just mope around. Try something new. Begin your day with at least one hour of exercise – walking is a good way to start the day. This gets your endorphins going and lifts your mood. When you are working out listen to feel-good music; it’s a universal mood improver. Then tackle your job search activities for the day. Be sure to customize your resume and target your cover letters to really address the perspective employer’s needs. It’s the only way to stand out in such a crowded job market. Be very specific and document the results. Practice interview skills so when your chance comes, you’ll excel. If you are not working, spend 25-30 hours each week on the search; then tackle some other constructive projects. Tasks where you feel you’ve accomplished something — painting a room, redecorating, putting photos in an album — will help you to feel that you are making progress even if the job search is slow.

  • Implement Internet Know-how. Bookmark the best websites which are company sites in which you have an interest. (Go to and look under tools for my current recommendation on job hunting websites). Niche sites – such as those specific for your field, for executives, and association sites are terrific to explore.

  • Network! 63% of all jobs are found thorough contacts! Use the Talk to everyone you know. Ask specific questions to find people who can direct you to others inside companies that could possibly hire you. Getting an internal person to forward your resume is an ideal way to get your search moving into high gear. Click for more info on networking…

  • Concentrate on promoting Brand You. Your career identity – AKA personal brand – must define your strengths, your innate talents, and illustrate the results you can achieve by using these on the job. Your resume, cover letters, and all employer conversations must emphasize how you can contribute to the company. You must be able to discus past accomplishments concisely, but effectively. Learn more at:

  • Have a good action Plan. Write out your goals, read some articles and books to improve your job search efforts. . Visualize success for yourself. Hope is only a wish, unless it is backed up with a solid enacted plan that turns your dream into a reality. You have great talents to offer an employer, so begin today to repackage yourself. Go in with a success attitude that will make others want to hire you. Great opportunities are out there and one has your name on it!

  • Develop a Can-do. Will-do. Done! Attitude. This is the attitude so many CEOs live by: Can-do – meaning they believe they resolve problems; they’ll find a way to do it, or they will find some expert to direct them to the solution. Will-do –- they implement the action steps to achieve a successful outcome. Done! –- they accomplish the goal. Follow the lead of successful people.

-Robin Ryan

Robin Ryan has appeared on Oprah and Dr. Phil is considered America’s top career coach. Robin has a busy career counseling practice providing individual career coaching, resume writing services, interview preparation, salary negotiations, and outplacement, to clients nationwide. She is the best-selling author of: ” 60 Seconds & You’re Hired!“, ” Soaring On Your Strengths“, ” What to Do with the Rest of Your Life“, ” Winning Resumes” and, “Winning Cover Letters“. A dynamic national speaker, Robin has spoken to over 1200 audiences sharing her insights on how to improve their lives and obtain greater success. Contact Robin at: 425.226.0414, or email:, or visit her website:

© Copyright 2014 Robin Ryan. All rights reserved.

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